About Me

Until very recently, I never really put much thought into what it is I enjoy doing; I've felt a sense of enjoyment, fulfilment and happiness from most experiences. Life has been about chasing the next role, the next client, the next travel destination.

I have loved every minute of it and learned so much from both my career, travels, friends and family. I have been very fortunate to have experienced many exciting and new experiences.

Relocating away from city life, to the beautiful Lake District, in Cumbria, UK, has given me the opportunity to explore new perspectives. A slower pace of life, enjoying new forms of joy.

Things I have learnt: Mindfulness is empowering; Yoga gives me a sense of calm, balance, focus and is very powerful; Photography makes me happy; Poetry is whatever you want it to be. Life is not a race, it's not a competition, it's a gift and you only get one chance to make it your own.

Your thoughts become your reality. I strive to work hard and enjoy life, as it comes. Challenges are unavoidable, and will contribute to ones character and journey. The hardest decisions to make are those that make us, personally, happy. Stay strong. Stay focused. Be happy.

This is my journey.

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